Photo by Elephant Rock retreat participant

Photo by Elephant Rock retreat participant


Morning and afternoon writing workshops free up your thinking about words and loosen the binds on your creative process in unexpected ways. Your inner critic will fall away as you surrender to your innate ability to imagine the unknown.

Writing exercises engage powerful aspects of writing craft, including the senses, imagery, dialogue, and sound, among others. For writers with specific goals and projects, fireside chats will provide a space to talk shop and seek advice, and private consultation about your writing is available upon advance request. Finally, select multi-sensory immersion activities and artistic work will echo and amplify the themes of the writing sessions.

Daily yoga and meditation foster and support creative synergy. As you connect your body, mind, and senses through movement and stillness, you release tension and cultivate insight and balance.

We will also explore a daily writing exercise for release, with a culminating celebration at the fire on Summer Solstice Eve. Get ready to transform!

Real alchemy in poetry or prose occurs at the frontier between what we think we are and what we are about to become; what we believe of the world and what it is about to overwhelm us, often against our will. Good writing is a conversation between seemingly immovable and movable worlds, and is made real by the writer asking beautiful and difficult questions that shape a living, breathing identity ripe for surprise and revelation. The writer’s practice is to cultivate a friendship with the unknown, to overhear their own voice speaking out of that unknown into the world and to ask for help along the way from those elemental powers encountered on the pilgrim road to discovery.
— David Whyte