Elephant Rock Retreats harness the transformative power of writing in breathtaking natural settings. The aim of the retreats? To "peer over the edge of doubt," a creative imperative according to Romantic poet John Keats. Keats developed his intriguing theory of "Negative Capability," the capacity to see the unexpected, to perceive unlimited possibility. We engage this through extraordinary writing exercises designed to dissolve unseen barriers. Prompts and constraints in the style of the French surrealists and the renowned Oulipo  ("workshop of potential literature") lead you down unexplored paths to hidden truths.  Retreats can be a catalyst for breathing life into your writing or simply for rediscovering your fierce original voice. 

All are welcome. Beginners will find a safe haven in which to experiment, and experienced writers will find a refreshingly challenging environment in which to push through blocks and reach new levels of insight. Retreats are facilitated by Jeannine Ouellette, award-winning creative essayist, author, and editor with two decades of writing and teaching experience. Jeannine also works individually with writers (book coaching, craft, and creative catalyst sessions). View her blog here. Elephant Rock is a member of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs and Jeannine is a member of the Authors Guild.